I imagined a plain in the night,
Off in the distance was a playground,
I was in the illusion of being submerged in this deep sea,
Yet I was composed and I felt comfortable,
The isolated barren setting made me feel
Somewhat of a need to be

The blue darkness never held my interest,
I couldn’t tell exactly why I was unalarmed,
A place only to be seen in the mystery of night,
Yet I felt invited by its nostalgic charm,

When I’m miles away from anything,
The idea of life seems so neat and much clearer,
I anticipate every escape to this other world
Because it means I’m sincere in becoming lost there,
But also in losing myself here,

The green grass tried its best to be itself as well
But it couldn’t resist the reflection of the night,
I’ve been in this moonlit garden before,
Still never changing its familiar sight

It was no different than day dreaming, I was young
and an alien to its atmosphere,
Yet I suspected my surroundings, knew what everything was,
Although my being there still seemed unclear,

So this is it, the inner workings of my adolescence,
A set of Train tracks that inevitably lead to some destination,
So why do I feel obligated not to leave these tracks,
When this picture should be my own creation?

A manufacturing of precision so carefully placed,
The tracks below my feet obligated me stay,
To follow this track was childlike but became my vice,
It meant I would further make my way,

I can remember an entanglement of metal forms,
At the end of the tracks that laid on the ground,
This new subject changed my state into familiarity,
My childhood is where I’ll never be let down.

I knew my true intent wasn’t to explore this landscape,
So I trusted in the idea of a cold and calm reality,
I resisted its playful temptations with acceptance,
I abandoned my childish formalities,

The sky became almost reachable,
At least from where I hung,
It felt like real assurance that
There were ways to stay this young,

The environment becomes my dwelling,
And the sense of fair play became non-existent all alone,
Away from the rural city streets was the needed silence,
And I guess that’s what softened all the thoughts of being on my own.